App Review: Locket – Get Paid to Unlock your Phone

I think it’s safe to say that anyone who is interested in HTPCs is interested in tech in general. That’s why I thought it would be fitting to do my first app review. Plus, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to post here. So here goes nothing.



Locket is an interesting new app that gives advertisers the ability to place ads on you Android lock screen (only the lock screen, not your home page. The app pays out a penny every time you unlock your phone (up to three times an hour). Theoretically, if you unlocked your phone three times an hour for every hour in a year, you would make $262.80! Although unrealistic, I think it’s pretty easy to make an extra $100 or so a year. Not bad for using your phone as you normally would anyway.


I had a few doubts in the beginning. Would the app cause my phone to be sluggish? Are the ads going to be super annoying? Do I really unlock my phone enough to make the app worth getting?

As it turns out, my phone runs as smooth as ever. I haven’t noticed any lag, though some people have commented that it slows down their older Android phones. The ads are surprisingly not annoying at all. In fact, I they are aesthetically pleasing and they rotate enough that you never know what will show up next. As far as usage, I have accrued almost $8 in the past few weeks (it helps that we have a newborn in the home and she keeps us up throughout the night!).




If you are like me, then you like free money. Locket is an app that will get you free money. It won’t be a lot, but if you wait a whole year to cash out, you’ll probably be looking at about $100 more in your wallet. Locket pays out through PayPal, and the minimum cash out amount is $10. You can sign up for Locket here.

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